Buy Tickets Online

Tickets are available online until May 27th via our ticketing partner Electrostub's website. Payment plans are also available, splitting your ticket purchase into three payments (down payment + instalment I + instalment II). Ticket prices are subject to increase according to venue capacity.

Tier I  GA


Tier II – GA


Tier IV ++ – GA

Tier I – VIP Experience


Tier II  VIP Experience


Tier II ++ – VIP Experience

Physical tickets

Hard copy tickets will be available at select retail locations. Check back later for an updated list of locations.

New City Gas
950 rue Ottawa

Ticketing Information

About general admission (GA) tickets

General admission (GA) tickets include access to the festival and to all stages and public areas of the grounds. GA ticket holders must be age 16+ to enter the festival grounds. Electronic tickets are non-transferable.

About VIP experience (VIP) tickets

VIP experience tickets include all benefits of a GA ticket, in addition to:

  • Dedicated festival entrance with priority access
  • VIP-only viewing area
  • Access to a dedicated bar

VIP ticket holders must be age 18+ to enter the festival grounds. Electronic tickets are non-transferable.

Refunds and transfers

All ticket sales are final sale (non-refundable). No exceptions.

Electronic tickets may only be used by the individual named on the ticket. Hard copy (physical) tickets are transferrable.

Have a problem or need help with your order?

Before buying a ticket:
Please contact us directly

After buying a ticket:
Please email [email protected]

Ticketing Options

Want to take your festival experience to the next level? Check out the VIP experience ticket option we’ve designed for this special edition of Bal en Blanc in the Park! Regular admission tickets can also be purchased (select GA option).

Tier System

Bal en Blanc employs a tier system for scheduled ticket price increases. As the venue approaches capacity, ticket prices will automatically increase as indicated by the tier-number. Tickets in different tiers are equivalent, the only difference is the price at which they were purchased.